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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Revolutionized Nokia 3310

With the presence of smart phones and the convenience they give in any way to people, who would still want to use a classic phone like Nokia 3310?

Not what I imagined but it caught me by surprise when Jay handed one to me last night asking if I would still be interested to use it. I'm talking about this 2017 version of Nokia 3310 that's been stirring everyone's curiosity lately. How could I turn such a pleasant surprise down?

The then trendiest mobile phone in the industry just found its way back with the obvious modifications this time -- bigger screen and keypad, added feats and functionalities and with vibrant color choices that suits the taste of the modern users.

Nokia 3310 made me even nostalgic. It brought me back to the old days where it is almost impossible to own one and what delight it brings to oneself when you get to have one despite its very limited function then.

At present time, I realized it can still be useful to me, somehow. That single function  - to communicate - is the supposed primary reason why mobile phones - smart or classic ones like Nokia 3310 is made after all.


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