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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


It's as if Christmas wouldn't be as fulfilling without me making a shopping list, making a few trips to the malls for that reason and of course wrapping up gifts.

Since the party season is undeniably fast approaching, there' a need for me to double time. I promised myself not to deal with rush shoppers at the shopping centers so I took time off yesterday, Monday just to get it all done.

And now I am... so done!

 photo 56950a3a-bad6-4bb2-a2aa-84e544e93d64_zpsb9eo6owf.jpg
The thought of giving something useful to the kids at a minimal budget is what makes my shopping a little stressful this time. Gone are the days where I only have to buy what I want for them. This time I had to consider quality and trends.

 photo b1afed75-bd43-4a50-ac73-58b19ce1f31e_zpscm405yzs.jpg
My shopping list also got longer this year so I wasn't surprise I have gone a little overboard though that's fine. What really matters to me is that big grin I could paint to the kids' faces as they open their presents come Christmas Eve.

Also, school Christmas parties will start in two days. Not only I wanted to be nice to my family, especially the kids but to some of my students and co-teachers as well. All these are to be given away and I can't wait to wrap it all and those that I have shopped online.


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