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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Holiday Shopping on the First Weekend of the Holiday Month

This year's month of December is going to be an extra busy month for me because of some personal undertakings that cannot be put aside just because it's a holiday month. And while I'll still be playing "lady santa" for my nieces and nephew, I've made a few advance shopping trips during the late part of last month already. Knowing me, it's not my thing to brush elbows with last minute shoppers.

Yesterday, the first Saturday of the month, right after my class in the morning, I took my girls to shop for their school party needs. It's only the first weekend but with the first store that we went to, it sure didn't look like it. People were sprouting around making the environment a little uncomfortable. I don't do well with congestion and long queues so as soon as we got our needs, we moved right away to another store.

 photo Robinsons-Place-Tagum_zps3m8icsgu.jpg

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Robinsons Place in Tagum is quite off the city's downtown but if you're for comfy and easy shopping, it's a perfect place to be. You don't have to deal with crowded fitting rooms and busy check out counters. In other words - hassle-free. But that was yesterday. Will it still be the same in the coming days? That, I can't tell.

There's only one thing that I am sure of though to avoid the rush - be me... LOL!

Alternatively, you can also shop online if you know of some stores you can trust with like guitar center chicago.

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