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Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer 2016

It has been a very well-spent, fun-rich summer 2016 I have had with my family this year. I am indeed grateful for the wonderful opportunities wherein we were able to strengthen the bond in many ways.  We spent time going out to the beach together, we cooked, we played, we watched movies together and even did some online shopping together.

D2 seemed to be catching up on my personal preference of shopping online. She explored and went through a lot of shopping sites including an online music store in which she found interesting. But then she end up shopping for signature clothes from one of the online stores I frequent to and successfully completed a transaction. She got her first package delivered barely a week after. She was so thrilled.

D1 on the other hand, went for some needle works. I downloaded and printed out some free cross stitch patterns online. Out of six of us who started stitching, only D2 made it to the end. With full enthusiasm, she completed hers in less than a month. Now she's on with a new one and she promised to do it on weekends this time. How determined!

I, myself did a lot of moving around the whole time. To sum it up, the entire two months break both from work and school has been fantastic. I enjoyed every bit of it. How I wish it didn't have to end but it has to like it always does and we all just have to go on.

More of these summer stories here and on my other sites soon.


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