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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Summer Time is DIY Projects Time

It's been a long time since I posted a DIY project post here. Just a little more time and I'm on it again along with my best buddies at home - D1, D2 and my nieces.

So in my summer "to-do" list I consider all these and maybe more...


I enjoy cooking for my family especially during weekends. I hop from one site to another every now and then for new recipes. But I must admit, my cooking skill is still a work in progress. I specifically want to learn how to bake this time using the available tutorials online.


I received a portable electric sewing machine for a birthday gift last month. It is precious specially that I love needlework as well so I want to make use of it. I’ve started familiarizing its parts and made a few stitching practice already. I can’t wait to make patterns, begin making clothes and see how it turns out.


Call it old school but I love this very relaxing and fulfilling hobby since it dawned on me during my college years. Yes, my interest is back after I came across with this awesome site that offers free downloadable and printable patterns. My first summer project happens to be the Great Wall of China! I have already gathered the materials and actually itching to start but that needs to wait till work is over. My nieces though has already started with theirs since they're on school break already.

D2 on the other hand will have all the time for her guitar-playing practice. I would have love her to have violin for beginners but that too can wait till I save up enough for extra spending.

I have at least two months off from school and from work and I wish to make the most out of it. Can't wait.

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