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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Grammy Moment

A prom only come once in a year so why not strike a pose the way Grammy artists do? LOL!

 photo ad7497aa-f2b0-4caf-ad99-a31f2b636c9e_zpschlgwgul.jpg
Ah, prom. That one special night when girls in colorful dresses and boys in elegant tuxedos pose for photos that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. I'm referring to our students of course. We, teachers don't need to compete with our students so my colleagues and I decided to do pictorials about an hour before the event has officially started.


Though looking for the kind of dress to wear is tough on my part, I know exactly the safest option for me when it comes to color - black. It's a catch actually at only 299 PhP. It's as if the dress was meant for me because there's only a single pair of it left when I shopped. I didn't have to think twice about checking it out the counter.


As soon as I got the dress, I knew immediately what and how to accessorize it - gold slim belt, black evening clutch, and glittery gold peep toe heels.


Dress - 299 PhP

Slim Belt - 89 PhP

Evening Clutch - gift

Peep Toe Pump -I had it since last year. Very rarely used.

Hair and makeup - I did it on my own.

Spending for something really is a choice. In this case, I opt not to because I know I don't have to and this is what I am also trying to tell my daughters especially now that they're growing up and starting to join social occasions like this.

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