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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pink it is!

And it so happened that I brought home two pink bottles of body spray from two signature stores today!

 photo 40c84047-d3b0-41d4-8c1f-ce20051ebd2a_zps9d1qns3b.jpg
I'm the type of person who stick to what I am comfortable using not only with accessories and clothes but even with perfumes and body sprays that I'm wearing on a daily basis. The above brands are the ones I frequent when it come to fragrances. I've known both since college and I have been using Tickled Pink since then - not because it's pink but because of it's pleasant smell. Penshoppe's Paints though is something new to me. It's my first bottle and I shall be looking forward for more for sure. Funny because it's only after I got home when I realized that both are actually in pink. :)

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