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Monday, January 11, 2016

BP's New Header and Favicon

Along with its new look is a brand new header and favicon. As mentioned in my  previous post, the new template this page is wearing has limited options. The header is not part of the free version and so I had to create a new one.

 photo header2_zpswigu9cq0.png
It's very elementary and I know even those who are non-bloggers can do it. A matter of downloading font styles from the internet and screen printing plus the use of paint for basic editing. I just made it look about similar to the premium version.

I took the same process in creating its favicon and I'm glad it is part of the theme options. All I did is to come up with it without even paying attention to its size. I uploaded it the first time and it came up just right and perfect.

 photo favicon_zpsrpp8w8xv.png
And it is only after I had it all figured out when I realized that using the free version is not at all that bad. Experience is indeed the best teacher.

Doing all these reminds me so much of the old blogging days where I have the luxury of time to  modify the looks of all my pages every now and then. How I miss those days and how I wish I'd be granted the same amount of time to do the things I used to do. I still blog though and that I try not to stop doing at least. I can still write for hettich drawer slides and other interesting things that might come my way.

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