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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Dressed for 2016

I can hardly tell the last time I have made modification to any of my active pages. I even barely publish posts despite the availability of resources due to time constraint. That is why posting and updating templates and themes has already been considered in my "To Do" list even before the three-week holiday break took place.

And so after the Christmas celebration, I got up and promised myself not to end the day without having anything done. This time I had to play a little ruthless over the girls because I knew some of them will just end up watching TV if not do their own thing the whole time since I'd be leaving all of them with just a single laptop to use.

So, here is my accomplishment for the day... Brat Princess page with its new look!

 photo BP_zpszyfgzlgd.png

It's a free version of Mommy and Me template by Magazine 3. Again it is free and therefore I only have limited access to options but that didn't bother me as along as I got to modify the site the way I wanted it using this awesome Wordpress theme.. Plus an easy way to upload upload a favicon was a bonus. I also like how the color theme looks so fresh and pleasant to the eyes.

Actually, it didn't take me that much time to do the tweaking. What took time was the template searching. Now, I have to look for more. I need both free Wordpress and Blogger themes for the rest of my pages.

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