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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Table Skirting Task, Done

One thing I like about being a teacher is seeing genuine results from my students as product of what they've learn from their lessons.

Just recently, selected students from my Grade 10 class completed this table skirting task which was especially assigned to them in preparation for our school's re-certification in two weeks time.

 photo 1507040_10203791851955005_3648448159017749607_n_zpsoqjmdc3o.jpg
 photo 11217584_10203791852835027_7749140554121411807_n_zpsm1rvz2ad.jpg
It took the kids about two hours or so to get the skirting for 3 slim long tables done and right after they gave this conference table a whole new look as well with a newly purchased table cloth.

 photo 95056f44-fb66-4def-9930-50693e20139d_zpszobpnld9.jpg
The professionally done-like output didn't only amaze me but above all it makes me proud as their teacher and again not only for what they can do but for what they can contribute for the good of the school as well.

The school's conference room is where the documents for the re-certification will be exhibited. We haven't received the exact date of the visit yet but it should fall any time within the first week of November; thus the preparation.

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