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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Different Types of Dress Necklines for Women

Necklines are classified as outer edges of clothes. Necklines on garments can frame a woman's face and neck. There are different types of neckline styles that are found on the neck area of garments.

You can make the necklines to look low, raised or normal. It can be low in front and high in back or the opposite. Necklines can be V-shaped, round, off shoulder, keyhole, square, or sweetheart type. These are some of the neckline styles that you can find on women's garment outer edges:

 photo necklines_zpsviqarrkh.png

Scoop Neckline - It is round in style and a little lower in front than in the back side of the garment.

Cowl Neckline - it has a flowing folds and it drapes either to the front or back, at times both..

Square Neckline - it is a flat square of the outer edge of a garment. The front of the garment can be made to look square and the back can be round or the front and back of the garment can both be square.

Bateau or Boat Neckline - this type of neckline is straight from shoulder to shoulder. It is wide on both sides and usually high at the front area.

Decollete Neckline - this style is usually attached to strapless blouses and has low neckline.

Round Neckline - it is round and plain that looks like a circle that goes round the base of the neck.

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