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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Salon Trip for the First Time

I don't know how they made me say "yes" but we did it. Yes, my two girls (D1,14 & D2,13)  had their first salon trip for a hair treatment yesterday.

 photo IMG_20150719_091850_zps2cpy5amb.jpg
The idea is something we had been discussing about for quite a while now and finally yesterday, all three of us were on it!

I was nervous at first while trying to get some reactions from their faces when the process began but I failed. It looks as if it wasn't their first at all. Or am I just being a typical mom?

Anyway, here's the first time result...

 photo IMG_20150719_112314_zpstftwdo6g.jpg
Running the imagination wild, I could hear soft sound of music from someone playing a rotary valve trumpet while we walk our way out from the salon, lol! The music sounds as soft as their newly done hair.

Did they love the result? Absolutely! It's never easy to please young minds but I'm a mother. What can I do?

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