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Monday, April 27, 2015

A Piece of Cake for P200

Stepping out from the real world, we (my colleagues and I) indulged ourselves to an exclusive tour at the luxurious Tagaytay Highlands. This happened about two weeks ago during our annual tour courtesy of course of our mega generous sponsor. I'd say mega because Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive place that can only be explored by the members of the club and if not for our sponsor, we wouldn't have experienced its glamor and beauty.

Apart from the free tour which we really enjoyed, we were also given the chance to indulge in this no doubt, lavish snack treat.

 photo 123_zpsbln2xwzf.jpg
Who would imagine that this piece of cake would cost even more expensive than wood picks? I'm not big on sweets but for the price's sake (just around P200 a piece) I had to finish it all. Crazy, huh? Well, I barely go to expensive places so that is probably why I was surprised. Though I knew some local shops that sells costly cakes but not as pricey as this.

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  1. A minute saved is a minute eanred, and this saved hours!