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Thursday, October 16, 2014

On Making a Holiday Shopping List

We're more than half way through the month of October. One more event to go (that's Halloween in November) and the preparation for the most awaited holiday of the year sets in!

Mall hopping, shopping, bargaining, spending - these are what most of us love doing when the holiday season is here.

Have you considered a holiday shopping list yet?

I like to play Santa each Christmas time. I like putting up a tree and surround it with wrapped gifts for my whole family and I had been since except in 2012 when typhoon Pablo kept us from celebrating the season the way we should have had. And because it took us real hard and long time to recover and get back to our routine even our Christmas 2013 somehow still got affected.

This time though, if time permits, I'm going to try doing it again - but not with a shopping list because it's not my thing. Inefficient, I know but it works for me so far. I only make a list of people I want to give present to but to decide what to give, it is something I do as soon as I get myself in the store. :)

To many, a list may sound effective but to me, as long as I don't go beyond my budget range, I'll be fine. :D

 photo photoopp-2_zps018c091e.jpg

A photo of myself in Christmas 2011.

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