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Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Beauty Queen in my Own Right

We better believe in our self or no one else will. :D

 photo b46ed4d5-6d47-4c0e-b150-ba00a04a1b88_zpsf87735f5.jpg
Kidding aside, the above photo of me is taken by my co-teacher, Flor. We were having a local school affair and we thought we'd try the crown, the sash and the scepter on before the event started.

Funny because it reminded me of my High School days where I also once joined exactly the same event but I was never crowned... almost though! :D

I made a quick research and according to Wiki, a crown represents triumph and glory while a scepter represents a divine power.

For me though, it doesn't take a title of a beauty queen to become triumphant in what we do. We all have choices to make and that is either to succeed or to fail. We are all beauty in our own right. It is just a matter of seeing it in ourselves.


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