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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Still a Bratty Blogger

I can't believe I am sitting here at this moment in front of my office computer - not for something urgent (gosh! it's what I have been doing for the past months) or anything work-related but to give a shot for even just a short update here of what has been going on with my personal/offline life.

When I've decided to engage myself into the corporate world once again in June last year, I knew things will change and that includes my priorities. All I wanted then was to secure my income stream and I did - it did - although, I also utterly enjoyed what I made (cash and other forms of juices) online. How I miss those times where I get to share common things together with the other bloggers too. Managing my time and trying to do all things that I want to do is truly overwhelming at times but no matter how occupied and busy I get still my heart for blogging remains.

If only there's 48 hours a day...

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