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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Salty Coffee for the Chilly Evening?

I remember before I wrote one story about the "salty coffee" in one of my blogs. If you're a follower perhaps you would remember it too. But this time it's not going to be about it. It's about the coffee I made earlier, lol!

It's quite a chilly evening around here and I was trying not to doze on my seat while surfing the web, so to get help rid of it, I rushed to the kitchen and make a cup of coffee but instead of putting sugar, I poured salt on it. Arghhh!!

And contrary to the title of my old blog (THINGS I HEART)... NO, I definitely and would never heart nor enjoy a cup of salty coffee no matter how classy and expensive my mug is going to be.

I'm sure you won't either!

Oh well, it's getting late I'd better be off finding out what's this assisted living software here is all about then I can hop to bed now before I crave for another cup and commit the same stupid mistake again.

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