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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Throwback Tuesday: My Girl's 8th Birthday!

We celebrated it 2 days ago and look who partied with her? No less than most little girl's favorite ... drum rolls please...

The Disney princesses! This is obviously the theme of her 8th birthday party... and has always been, LOL!

Mom has to make a little effort to make the loveliest princess of them all be of her happiest and the celebration more fun and and entertaining for her and her guests. They all enjoyed it, really.
There's the girl with her personally chosen birthday cake with Snow White figure on it

Another snap of her along with specially invited cousins (from the left: Inah, Jam, MJ, Bernadette and Nor Dynne... on top of course is the celebrator, Kate)

A closer and a more clearer view of the birthday cake with a hopping pretty butterfly, snow white figure and candy flowers surrounding the entire cake.

and the prettiest of them all...

Picture was taken about a week ago when she still has her long hair. It's summer time so mama and I agreed to cut it short.... that way she would look a little fleshy.

If you notice, this pic is what I use for the birthday banner. Notice the first pic on top?The little girl's wish... She whispered it to me and guess what... it comes with a... sshhhhhhhh! meaning, it's just between me and her :D

Originally posted on April 2009

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