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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Teenage Heart Adventure

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Few more hours to go and the Love Day is here. I'm pretty sure many of us especially the young ones out there are already giddy about it. Why not? Let's face it! At some point in our lives we also have been through the same adventure of our teenage hearts where the thrill and excitement is seems unstoppable. Yes, those times when all we tend to do each now and then (even when at school) is to imagine how we should look on that big prom night. What clothes to wear, what make up to put on and of course what special gift to give to your lucky date for the night?

I was chanced to stop at the mall last weekend and can't help but notice how people are busy preparing for the coming of the most romantic time of the year. The ladies section was packed of course with red casual and prom dresses while the wide array of unique valentine gifts and special packages were already made available in some local and signature stores.

Over time, apart from chocolates, fragrances and flowers has been the most popular choices for most men. They always want to impress their dear ones and so they find it challenging yet fun to pick the most appropriate scent of perfume for her and pairing it with beautifully arranged flowers to make a perfect set of gift sure enough to win her heart all the more.

Colognes, watches, bottle of wine or spirits, tag necklaces and bracelets, personalized keepsakes on the other hand are the ladies' most sought after gifts for men.

Oh, I can actually fantasize how it feels like to have received such wonderful Valentine presents. Regardless of its value and size, nothing can ever be as sweet other than the gifts given from the heart.

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