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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Better Late Than Never

How's your holiday everyone? I hope it went well. Mine was just fine. It's nothing grand but the fact that I celebrated it with the family makes it a holiday like no other. And as expected, I prepared something for everyone but myself. Hmm... seems like I tend to forget myself every time or do I?

Not quite really... In fact, I've been frequenting Lazada PH even before the Christmas Holiday took place and found a few interesting gadgets that I could probably add to my personal online shopping list for this year. But first thing's first like I always tell myself. So it may be a bit late to present myself but I am currently working on checking out a new Lenovo mobile phone. That is to replace my about to retire old smart phone.

I am particularly eyeing for Lenovo S920. It's selling price... a whopping P 19, 999.00! Fancy, huh? Now that explains why it is taking me time and I am really hoping I could make it before it runs out of stock otherwise, I'd be pressed to settle for something else instead.

Why Lenovo S920?

 photo S920_zps512e186e.png
Everything that you would possibly want in a smart phone is in it - large screen (as you can see on the above photo) for a great viewing experience, a quad core processor for a smoother multitasking, long battery life for uninterrupted talk time and gaming plus it has a dual-sim feature that separates business from pleasure. Additionally, Lenovo S920 is no doubt a nice-looking phone and I bet a lot would agree with me on that.

Why Lazada?

I have had three successful shopping experiences with Lazada PH and so far they're the only online store I know that does real prompt delivery service.

I haven't been to so many but having been pleased for number of times with the way Lazada do business and satisfy their customers, I don't think I would still look somewhere else.

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