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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Went Window Shopping Today

Hi! While looking to buy printed trade show tablecloth, I just thought of tapping my keyboard here for a quick update on how my day went. I didn't expect I'd be able to visit the mall along with my sister today. My niece, Inah needed to see the doctor. Fortunately, the appointment didn't have to take that long so we decided to check out the nearest mall for an afternoon snacks and a window shopping.

My sister loves special events and occasions and ever since she'd been looking forward to get herself a new digital camera. We did look around. She found this electronic store that's sporting lots of awesome deals but then my sister still has to wait and start funding for it. Tita has her digital camera anyway, so occasions that may come along the way will surely be taken care of. At least she know now where to come back whenever her finances is ready.

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