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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Surviving Christmas

Each year we eagerly anticipate Christmas. But there's so much to do to get ready! Decorations. Gifts. Church and school programs. Parties. Shopping. Baking and cooking. Family get-together. How to get it all done?

Here are some time, energy and sanity savers to help you prepare for and enjoy a truly Merry Christmas this year.

  • Make your plans early (There's plenty of time to find some great bargains.)

  • Estimate your expenses (Don't start with wishlist. Instead begin with an amount that that won't put you deeply in debt.)

  • Refrain from grandiose schemes (Splurging now may mean financial problem later. Consider gifts that cost little but are much appreciated.)

  • You must be organized and realistic (You have limited time, money and energy. And your daily responsibilities don't stop during the holidays. So you need to budget your all your resources to make it through.)

  • Calendars are indispensable (Make sure all parties and get-together and the like are posted. Say "no" when you're heavily scheduled.)

  • Help should be received as well as given (Christmas is a time for the whole family to work together. Even little ones can take their part. "But it's easier to do it myself!" we fuss. Yes - but not half as rewarding.

  • Invite friends over for informal get-together -- instead of "big doings"

  • Shopping tips (Work from a list and stick to it.)

  • Traditions are half the fun (just because grandma baked constantly during the holidays doesn't mean baking is the best use of your family's time and energy. [Not to mention waistline!]

  • Mail your cards and packages early

  • Savor the season (It'll so soon be past. Don't fret about what you can't do, but rejoice in what you can.

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