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Monday, November 04, 2013

Where I Shop Online and Why I do

I am not a trendy person but I do buy trendy stuffs at times especially when it's worth having. Unlike my sister, I refuse to buy from signature shops because I know there's something out there I can get with the same quality for less if I only have to look. Mind you... I'm a little expert when it comes to economical shopping. Nowadays, learning how you can start spending smart is a must. Same thing I do when I shop online. I compare prices. Why should I pay more when I really don't need to?

I've had several successful online shopping experiences so far. And right now I find myself hooked with Lazada [dot] com whether I get to check something out or not at the end of each browsing. Unlike other online shops, Lazada is truly a pocket-friendly store. It  won't leave you think twice over hidden charges or lavish shipping/handling fees at the checkout. FREE SHIPPING is possible too. That's for P 1000.00 worth of purchases and up. Additionally, at Lazada, there's no waiting for forever to get a hold of your orders because it will surely knock on your door in a week time (5-7 business days).

The Holiday is coming. Don't like the idea of conventional shopping and its inconveniences? Shop online! A lot of people do. I might have to as well. :)

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