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Monday, November 25, 2013

@the Mall

I love shopping - there's no doubt about it. Sadly, it wasn't what I went to the city for the other day.. Although I know I can't help myself, but this time and for some reason I really need to constantly remind myself against unnecessary spending.

Well I spent extra nights there so obviously I need extra pair of clothes so I got myself two new ones... on discounted prices of course since holiday sales are now going on. I chose to have my meals at my favorite food chains just right inside the mall. Few internet cafes are also serving the public there so getting online doesn't have to be a pain. I'll just have to rent a station instead of looking somewhere else outside and back.

Lastly, I had to wait for my friend Anne till she's off from work so we could head together to her place and where else would I prefer to wait than in the mall. There I would never feel bored no matter how long I wait  there were lots of things to see around and are ready to amaze me wherever I turn to - from different people especially couples who publicly display their relationships while strolling or dining, the spectacular demonstrations of certain product endorsers to a wide array of Christmas decors at the mall's atrium and etc... There will always be no room for boredom for me when inside the mall.

Gaisano or "G" Mall as most people prefers to call it is one of the largest malls in Davao City. I love its convenience and for a budget shopper like me, this really is the best place to be.

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