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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rush Shopping

Instead of feeling better, I think the trip to the mall yesterday just worsen my condition. The weather wasn't so nice back there. We had to walk through the rain as soon as we jumped off the bus to get to the tricycle station. So this morning I woke up having not only headache but with sniffles as well.

But the good thing however is we we're able to get what we needed for the girls. My sister also bagged a new pair of clothes and some beauty  products. Me? I just enjoyed helping them while picking their stuffs. What we did was a kind of rush shopping so we really didn't hang around that much. After we had our afternoon snacks, we headed out right away. Catching a bus was pain since it's already late, but even so, we still managed to make it home safe and sound.

By the way, anyone here who have checked on goulds pumps?


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