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Saturday, November 30, 2013

My First Shopping Experience at eBay PH

Disappointment was all I felt when I first attempted to shop online. I have had so much fun choosing my desired items from one page to another only to find out in the end that I have just actually wasted my time. How stupid of me not to even care to read the policies before shopping?

Shipping Policy: 'no shipping outside the country'. Of course! I shopped at Walmart and several signature stores from the US. (Shame, shame!)

But why go beyond anyway when I can do it locally? Yes, lately I've tried my luck at ebay Philippines ( Particularly at ecommerce_trader I found this 4 in 1 Snoopy bedsheet set @ P500.00 (about 10-11 US dollars) only. Shipping fees vary according to distance but if you purchase 3 or more items of the same kind, you get to enjoy a free shipping privilege.

Of course, I was a bit hesitant when I did the cash transfer (thru UnionBank) to the sellers account. How on earth would I know if they are just out there to scam people? But on the contrary, how will I ever find out if I won't give it a try either? So to me it was like a gamble. I was about to believe it was when the 48 hour delivery policy already exceeded.

Knowing myself, policy is policy no matter what! Although I have felt Christen, the person whom I coursed through all my queries and constant follow ups was sincere in explaining the reasons that causes the delay. Anyway, all the negative presumptions just went away when I finally get hold of the item after almost a week instead of 48 hours from time of payment. I couldn't believe I have actually made my first successful online shopping. I just can't help but to look forward to do more shopping in the future.
Set includes 1 fitted sheet, 1 slat sheet and 2 pillow cases
By the way, I bought this Snoopy set for my little girls so they will get to enjoy my bed whenever they come around. I'm pretty sure they would love it.

I also have actually purchased these two to make way for the free shipping privilege. Unfortunately, they were out of stock so instead of replacing them with other designs I just opted to be refunded yet still enjoyed the same privilege. Lucky me!

Aiming for an aria guitar for next time. Hopefully I can make way for its a little price.

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