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Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Princess and the Way She Is

This is my daughter, Kate. The upper left of the image is a picture of her 2nd favorite part of the rack in my room. Why 2nd? Well, the center part is where the computer is so it's obviously her top favorite portion because like mom she's a computer buff too. I even have a feeling she'll make a better blogger than I am in the future.

For a proud mom it is of course flattering to see how much she adore me and pretty much all the things I have and do. She loves everything she sees in my room and like I said her top favorite next to my computer is the part of the rack where I place some of my fragrances, hygiene and skin care essentials, hair accessories and other tiny stuffs I frequently use everyday. The only missing on the picture I think are the makeup kit and a box of some pretty gemstone jewelry- which I both needed to hide coz I don't want them wearing any of those. I rarely use them either so there's no use of keeping it handy.

She wants a little bit of this and that sometimes and the only chance she got to do it is to bring them all out and pretend she wants to clean the shelf, LOL! She ask permission though, so no big deal. I still think it's so adorable of her. I love the way she does things in her own little innocent ways.

Other times, when she can think of nothing more to do, she turns to my hair, brush it and style it her way! Of course, how will I ever let it slip without taking a keepsake of her effort for that? Lovely, isn't it? No, not me! It's my daughter and what she did to my hair! :D

Like any other typical little girls, my Kate grew up with the influence of imaginative tales and somehow learned some significant values from them. She admires princesses and all other movie characters she thinks are cute and nice. She mimics them and the good thing is she does it brilliantly. Like her favorite Cinderella, she wipes the window, she fixes the bed and she sweep the floor - all in her humble ways. While me, being their mentor is just as proud how she and her little sister grow up the way they are now.


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