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Saturday, August 10, 2013

What the Girls Want

Would you believe at such young ages of seven and eight, my two girls already have divulged their preference when it comes to style and fashion? And certainly wearing jewelry (trendy ones) is in their list. Did that surprise me? Honestly, no! Although that made me a little bit weepy the first time they asked me to buy one each for them because back then I realized how much they have grown already… and that they’re no longer my babies.

Other parents might think it’s way too advance for them to act like ladies. Or some may find it wasteful since kids are likely to lose small articles like jewelries anyway with their hasty behavior; but such are kids. As much as possible I try not to go against whatever their preferences in life maybe as long as I see nothing wrong with it. Besides, a piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be that pricey to please one’s young heart.

There's my Kate on the right wearing the largest knickknack she have had ever

They're growing fast and their attractions to so many things they get to see around progresses as well. And this time it’s not just fancy jewelries. They tend to like the things that I love doing to myself as well (i.e. painting nails or or getting my hair done. But that shouldn’t surprise me now. After all, they’re both grown up kids. We mothers should know how it is like in the first place; shouldn’t we?

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