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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tickled Pink by HerBench

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When going out wearing body scents is one thing I can't do without and like wearing clothes, I also wear them accordingly. I wear body spray during ordinary days like when I go out for a grocery or do the shopping and I only wear soothing and the mildest possible scent of perfume whenever I have to go to work or if I have to attend social gatherings and parties.

We all love to smell great so for me wearing fragrances is not just about the attention we get from people. At times, our combined body scent and the perfume we wear creates a unique aroma that gives us our own identity in which people can easily recall. No wonder why perfume became such a popular gift idea during holidays for both sexes. For regular days mine's favorite is a body spray called Tickled Pink from a popular lifestyle and clothing line here in the country.

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