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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Wear for Comfort

Who says only filthy rich can afford to buy designer items from the store? Certainly my older sister isn’t rich. Like any other, she’s just an employee, not a boss and she only gets paid twice in a month too. But even at that, she still prefers to save up and wait to buy signature clothes, shoes and accessories for herself and her kids. She believes price speaks for quality.

My younger and only brother also does the same thing. He seldom shops for himself but when he does, it always has to be something with a popular brand name on it especially when it comes to shoes. Most of the time I agree but other times I don’t! To me how a thing will last would depend on how well they’re being cared of. I’m not a big spender unlike them. I can settle to anything I am comfortable wearing and using with or without the popular name on it. Hand-me- downs work well for me even. Any hand-me-down portable piano at guitar center, anyone? LOL!

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