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Saturday, June 01, 2013

How Far Can You Go in Expressing Yourself

At some point, I was asked by a friend to try tongue or nose piercing ring and tattoo. While I see nothing wrong with people expressing themselves that way, I on the contrary think it’s too bold for me to delve myself into. I am definitely not the daring type and in any way if my memory serves me right. That include pretty much everything – from my preference on food, the way I dress and the way I define art and fashion.

Call it old-fashioned. But still I prefer wearing the traditional body accessories over the unconventional ones. Not that I am against the other way, in fact, I admire the spirit of those who can really bear the pain they have to go through just to be able to express themselves. A friend of mine can dye her hair using just any color, as often as she wants and mind you they’re not just your kind of hair color – bright red, green, purple blue, yellow, name it… and to think I’ve only seen and imagine celebrities wearing such. She can also change her piercings as often as she wants. Oh boy… I still couldn’t imagine how she manages to digest the pain she has to go through while putting those on but really that is so tough of her.

See, this is her… Gorgeous, isn’t she?

How about you? How far can you go in expressing yourself?


  1. At some point after you discover you like lingerie, you’re going to realize that it’s not ‘normal’ and that wearing lingerie is therefore viewed as being a negative thing to do. As humans, we tend to internalize the values of the societies we live in, even the silly shallow ones. This makes us vulnerable to feeling like bad people if we don’t want the same things everyone around us wants.