Frosted Dodger Blue - Brat Princess

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frosted Dodger Blue

After doing grocery shopping this afternoon, Mom and I decided to check out a newly opened boutique owned by a friend. The store sells imported and signature items from clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and beauty products for men and women.

On our way to the store, I was thinking if I can something for my hair... perhaps a hair wax or a conditioner but there’s nothing there for the hair but big bottle of shampoo which I don’t really want to buy.

A bit frustrated but I kept on looking around anyway and at one corner I found a small rack of this brightly colored nail polishes. Colors and small thingy like this really fascinates me. The price was not bad (P65.00 or less than $2) so I told myself it won't hurt if I get one. Frosted Dodger Blue - I miss this color. I used to wear about similar nail paint before for both my finger and toe nails. I tested it earlier and it looks even nicer and it dries quickly too. But of course I have to wait till weekend to try it on. I don’t think I could fit in nail painting on weekdays at all.