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Friday, June 14, 2013

Fancy Dolls

Not everyone knows the imaginary side of me. I certainly get attracted with anything that’s pretty to my eyes. Take me to the mall and I’d surely find something there for me. I specially love recycling, book scrapping, fancy stitching, embroidery, artistic design and stylish decorative figures like these fancy dolls.

In my favorite mall in the city, I was hoping to see what Ibanez Artcore was like but failed so to the toys department we head. I passed through this aisle of dazzling and lovely dressed dollies while looking for something to buy for my nieces. I was appraising its quality and the cost and I’d say it’s fairly priced. But then I couldn’t check it out because there will be four of them to give to and four for each doll’s price would certainly empty my wallet then so to play fair I’ve decided to just pick something else for them.

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