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Friday, May 03, 2013

We Are Invited

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So my brother’s wedding invitation is finally out. I was looking up for plastic crank handles online when my soon-to-be sister in law knocked on to my door to show me what they’ve got. As one of their matrons of honor, I assumed a responsibility to help them with the preparation in any way possible.

I initially expected them to ask me to do the invitations but then they chose to avail a wedding package from a commercial host (a hotel where the wedding reception is going to be) where pretty much everything is covered – the reception, the food, wedding invitations and giveaways, photo and video coverage, decorations and even the bridal gown, dresses and suits for the entourage. Sounds pricey but I understand they have a quite limited time so I won’t blame them if they choose to have a stress free wedding preparation.

Next thing I wanna see is the bridal gown. Knowing my future sister-in-law, I assume it’s going to be fancy too. I can’t wait.

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  1. You don't have to be rude and you don't have to ruin your brother's day. You can just say to whomever: "I have to tell you that DH and I never agreed to being the official wedding day babysitters and we're not going to be able to fit it into our schedules". The thing is, LDS SHOULD know what they're doing is hurtful. They can choose to do it anyway, but they should know. When my little brother got married, I had to explain to my mom why I wasn't going to pose for pictures on the temple grounds when the LDS church held MY family in disdain. Reading your letter, it looks like I could have maybe written it myself. The night of my brother's reception, my aunt tried to use me for kitchen help. I was near tears all day and I had to redo my makeup and the pants I was wearing (that were my size) I guess ran small so I felt like a fat cow on top of everything else. SO being asked to work in the kitchen about put me over. Luckily, my mom was sensitive enough to tell her sister that I was a family member of the groom (and not kitchen help) and she told me to go put on the coursage she bought for me. God bless her. But anyway, PLEASE DON'T allow yourselves to become servants on the wedding day. That's too much! Gracefully explain that you understand that rules are rules but you're not going to use the time to watch the children of all the wedding guests who WILL be invited either. That's completely fair. Anyone with half a brain will understand. If they don't understand, they don't have half a brain so screw 'em. Please do this for an old bitter apostate. It would make me feel tickled pink to know that somewhere out there there's an exmo woman like me standing up for herself.