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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Trying on ROMWE’s Polaroid Coffee Sun Glasses

Being one of Romwe’s gratified bloggers, I am pleased to announce (though this may be a bit late for an acknowledgment) what I got from them for the month of March. If the United States has sacagawea dollar as one of the two United States dollar coins, ROMWE on the other hand has a new collection set for Polaroid Sun Glasses with colors black, dark-red, dark brown, champagne and coffee and among the above mentioned colors, COFFEE is what happened to attract me the most.

 photo coffeesunglasses_zps7abc3b9c.jpg
It’s a $19.99 glasses that costs me absolutely nothing at the checkout. That’s one of the perks of being a Romwe blogger. Additionally, what’s being described from the site is exactly what I got roughly two weeks after I placed my order.

Here's trying it on...

 photo 77b6f616-ade5-4ba2-85dd-302dfb7a97c9_zpsf159749f.jpg
I believe some of its colors are now on sale so why don’t you guys have a look? Not only that, if fashionable dresses and accessories are your thing then Romwe is just simply a place to be! ;)

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