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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gown Fitting

Exactly 20 days before the wedding, the kids who will be having part on their uncle’s wedding had their gown fitting today. Everyone was excited, even myself and since the wedding motif was changed from solid color to rainbow, the girls are then as well be representing each color that is found in a rainbow… well except the color “pink” that my niece, MJ will be wearing. She’s supposed to wear green but doesn’t seem to like its design and well the color, itself and no one wants to compromise, LOL. Kids are kids, what do we expect?

Well either way, they all look pretty on their outfit.

 photo gownfitting_zps845b9892.png
From left: Elija, Jam, MJ, Kate, Naureen, Xophia, Inah and Bernadette.Three of them (Kate, Naureen and Bernadette) are the little bridesmaid

It’s as if the dresses were made to perfectly fit each of them. I can’t wait to see them with make ups on come the wedding day. :D

Blance Marie (bride’s daughter) however, is going to be the little bride, thus the white gown. Doesn't she look fabulous and sweet...

 photo littlebride_zps99b243ba.png
All of them together, one more time...

 photo girls-1_zps276a99a3.png


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