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Monday, April 15, 2013

From Two Solid Colors to Rainbow

Instead of two solid colors, the soon to wed couple (my brother and her fiancé) are now considering rainbow as official color motif on their wedding day next month. I just learned about it yesterday and we are supposed to pick which among the rainbow colors I should wear and look for our own gown as well at their expense. Now I’m torn between the colors Indigo and Yellow. I certainly have no problem with that idea but knowing me… I always find a hard time choosing and now I’m bound to look for a gown to wear on a wedding day. How strenuous that can be? Additionally, as one of the Matrons of Honor, I was also appointed to look for unity or arras coins to be used on the wedding rights. I’m wondering if silver eagle coins will do. That’s another thing I need to look up and although I have plenty of time at hand to do all that, I still might as well do it soon before I get caught up with another set of online tasks in the coming days.


  1. Would you hire this guy today wearing a horse blanket for a sport jacket? Actually that was the style and my wife has picked out what I wear every day for 35 years. Even getting up with me at 2:30 AM when I was doing the Today Show from 1978 to 80.