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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

First Thing First

New camera, new cell phone, and a new bed – all these (and who knows what will follow on the list… maybe a shop for television stands) are on my to-buy list for the year. Self-centered? No, not quite since I consider the above mentioned gadgets and furniture a need. Although I find all three except the cell phone not-so necessary, as soon as I’ll have them covered, they’re mine.

Like I have previously mentioned, both my cell phone and my camera swoop down to the water during the last flooding incident that we’ve experienced two months ago and although I was able to quickly retrieve both gadgets, the cell phone couldn’t be revive no more.

The classic cell phone that I am currently using now still somehow helps. Thank God, I didn’t give it away. But that’s it. All it allows me to do is text and call… no browsing. Not that I need it all the time but when I’m away from home and I need to be online, a smart phone would always come in handy. I know you bloggers out there couldn’t agree more to that. :D

From allowing them to use it for the mean time, now I’ve finally decided to give my sleeping bed to my nieces. Theirs got broken and there’s really no easy way for my sister to get a new one. Not like I use it often anyway. I find my couch a lot more comfortable than my bed, so to speak.

As for the new camera, I might just get it in time. I have actually been eyeing on an Olympus SZ-10 and wanting to get it for myself – a birthday gift that is but something just came up. Oh well… there will always be a right time for everything but of course, firs thing first.

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