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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life is a Song, Love is the Music

Having our power back at home for the first time in more than a month is like a huge surprise and at the same time a relief for me and my family who has been a storm victim also for the first time. Gone are the morning trips to the Internet CafĂ© just to catch up with my blogs and my pals. With the power on, my online life is somehow back on track now. It’s kind of overwhelming at first like I didn’t know which thing I want to do first whether I want to blog or watch a movie or listen to music like I used to - although I find doing the latter eventually. Glad the storm didn’t take that away from me. I would still prefer having my favorite songs on my ear and let them send me to sleep at night and yes I am still fond of discovering anything that has to do with music especially instrument. I came across of cool Gonzalez reeds recently. I wondered what it is and found out it’s a clarinet’s accessory. I remember I made a cross stitch of a clarinet before, had it framed and hang it on our wall. Mom has it still. I don’t know how to play clarinet but I find it such a really pretty thing.

 photo clarinet_zpsf1b05b08.jpg

Can you tell how old it is now?

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