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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I'm a Brat and I knew it... and I do Believe in Fairies

I'm a brat and I knew it. But I'm the nicer one and often I do not let the thought of having something unimaginable to creep in my mind unless it will be given for a gift.

But I do have wishes, regardless of whether they will come true or not.

Few months before the year 2012 ended, I did wish to hear from the Fairy HobMother. I've heard he's good at granting one's wish.

Around December he wrote me an email. I was ecstatic. Not for any thing but because of the fact that I finally heard from him after the long wait. I'd say he's up to giving out surprises. In a comment I posted n one of the blog posts written about him, I mentioned I would wish to receive a Microwave Oven from www.appliancesonline.co.uk through him. This brat is a baker wanna-be too but either he will grant that wish for me or surprise me with something else is absolutely fine.

See, Fairy HobMother is real. He does exist and you too can prove it like I am did. All you need to do is leave a comment to this post. It's the way of allowing him to hop on your page and if he finds it interesting, you're lucky! :)




  1. wow such a blessing indeed..hope she will visit me one day..congrats sis..

    ruby in bb!

  2. me too te Nans... i also do believe with fairies... especially the tooth fAiry :) i was even very ecstatic to watch the movie Raise of the Guardians coz the tooth fairy is there on that movie... :) anyways, enjoy what the fairy hobmother has had for you...it's a great blessing to celebrate the new year and after typhoon Pablo did to you and to my family as well...