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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Scouting for a New Dress

And that really had me a bit pressured…

Spending for dress is not for me especially since my job being home-based doesn’t really necessitate me to dress up. But this time I ought to find one. It was a no-stress invitation at first until my cousin from Australia contacted me again just about recently telling me about my part on her brother’s wedding –a cord sponsor, that is and I’m not supposed to say NO, lol.

Of course I won’t say no. I have roughly two weeks to get me a dress to wear for his wedding. Question is where? I’m definitely not spending that much for something I can’t make use of at least until it wears out, ha-ha. I know I’m such a scrimpy soul. I was hoping a shopping from ROMWE using my December coupon would make it but I’m afraid not. It makes me really feel bad not to be able to avail their Black Friday Deals.

Oh well… I might just try my luck on ukay-ukay stalls. Can you believe that? You better be and you wait till I’ll find time to sport my ukay-ukay finds here one day. I’ve got quite a few lately and who knows I might find a good one as well to wear on my cousin’s wedding come first week of December. :D