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Saturday, November 03, 2012

School Break is Over, Time to Keep Going…

The two week-long school holiday is almost over. Now it’s time to set the working mood back on track, start piling the toys -lots of it - back to its place and get my place in order again. Kids has to set themselves into going back to school soon while I need to maximize this weekend in getting some online tasks done before taking my computer to the tech for a possible upgrading. My internal hard drive seems to almost run out of space and I better have it checked soon before anything worse happen. It is like you can’t let your effort go to waste before realizing the importance of a san storage system when you’re running a business online. Well, mine may not be as big for a business but it would mean a life to me if my hard drive crashes so I can’t by all means let that happen – not now, not ever.

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