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Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy Halloween!

As previously mentioned we are going to make the Halloween celebration playful for the kids in our household this year. And so to begin with, I searched on scary Halloween images on the Internet and let each girl pick how they want to look and here’s how it all turned out…


From top left: D2, Naureen, niece, Elija and D1, Kate
From bottom left: Nieces, MJ, Jam, Bernadette and Inah

I’ve never done it before so I wasn’t surprise it took me forever to complete the task. Mind you, it’s no joke while you wish none of them will end up falling asleep while waiting for their turn or while waiting for everyone to get done so they could start sporting their spooky looks to the crowd before dullness get in the way.

Wow, the task was rather backbreaking on the process more than I thought it is --- fun, though it was all worth it especially after seeing big grins from the kids’ faces after.

And as for the Gothic look I said I will try to portray this year, I guess I’ll just have to save it for 2013, LOL. :D Girls had me so worn down that I couldn’t draw any more energy to play with paint further.


  1. haha! what pretty little vampires! good job, nance!

  2. heheheeh they still look cute in their vampire outlook hehehhe

  3. those are brilliant make ups for halloween!!!

  4. heheheh.. ang cucute naman nila ! even with scary make ups, children still looks cute:)

  5. GAnda and cute pa rin sibaby girl

  6. good painting, most had fun with their scary faces huh...

  7. aww so cute! they look pretty even with dark make up :D

  8. Pretty Little vampire, good job on the make up

  9. good job sis! my favorite is with the black lipstick on the left. =)