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Saturday, November 17, 2012


I’m a DIY type of person. As much as possible I try to do things I know I can and learn in the process. My brother and I must have got such trait from our late father. We both grew up watching him doing things by himself –be it an electronic or industrial job - instead of hiring professionals. Our then jobless neighbor would offer a hand to get a certain project done and in return dad will give him either cash or goods to compensate his effort.

Because he’s a handyman, he’s equipped with complete industrial tools for maintenance and safety. He’s also fond of keeping industrial supplies like knobs, handles, fasteners and even hydraulic cylinder regardless of whether it is useful for the moment or not.

Until now we still keep his tool boxes tidy and safe. I’m one lucky handy daughter being able to make use of his tools whenever there’s minor repair that needs done both at moms and in my household. Oh, how I miss our handyman. Still life would have been a whole lot better having him around.

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