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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Would You Rather Think or Blink?

Decision making might sometimes prove to be the hardest thing to do, especially when dealing with long term consequences. One can either make up his mind on the spot or use in depth analysis and research before giving a final answer. The following two ebooks offer more details on both perspectives.

Think! Belongs to award winning editor and writer Michael Legault, who supports the idea that decisions should only be taken after all the aspects have been taken into consideration and the process of thinking has been involved. Otherwise, the perspective turns out to be subjective rather than objective, which may lead to unexpected results. Nowadays, many people do not think, they just act without having any idea why they are heading in a certain direction. That might be due to entourage or maybe even the mass media which delivers misleading information. The author aims to provide the reader with solid reasons and arguments why thinking prior to making a move is crucial. Needless to say that this refers to life changing moments and not deciding whether to go on holiday either in Spain or Portugal. Being capable of thinking in a responsible manner and offer precise information will also help the younger generations and prevent them from dropping out of school simply because they can do that without having to give explanations.


As opposed to Think! Malcolm Gladwell, author of the publication Blink, focuses on intuition and the level of importance this factor has, when it comes to saying Yes or No. According to him, intuition is not just something that occurs in the human mind. It is a product of intense hours of processing information as well as intelligent design. Situations can easily change in the blink of an eye and people should be able to act accordingly when this happens. Flexibility and following instincts will lead people to becoming better decision makers. As long as intuition is not mistaken for lack of processing information, it might prove to be effective.

To sum up, it’s up to each of us to decide what the best way to reach our final conclusion is.
Whether we like to plan far ahead and weight all the pros and cons before choosing one path or we guide ourselves by means of intuition and quick decisions, the most important part is to make sure we process all the available information, with no exception.

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