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Friday, August 10, 2012

Pink Life Vests: Just what on earth did we have to get the blue ones for?

So we we’re all new to Enchanted River – one of the places in Surigao del Sur my friends and I went to last weekend. Approaching the entrance and while paying fees, someone reminded us to rent a life vest ahead as it is recommended… take note… not just recommended but not required… if we are to take a dip for Php30 each/hour. But the group decided to go beach hopping first instead. So wearing the blue ones we all hopped on to the two small boats we rented to start rolling.

It was great. We all had fun… so much fun that only after on our way back I took notice of those hanged pink life vests. What??? And it took us almost three hours wearing those blue vests and for what? Dumbfounded, we all ended up staring at each other feeling nuts. Ha-ha-ha… Who would have ever realized that in the first place? Everyone seems giddy like kids to try just about anything the place has to offer.

So we did pay for the blue vests. That sucks but… oh well…. guess nothing will ever be perfect at all… even a well-planned vacation. We had a blast, anyway… I think that’s what matter the most.

Our Surigao del Sur Getaway photos are here, by the way, should you care to take a look.

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  1. Surigao del Sur... we used to live in Tandag before.. :) visiting from Pink Friday..

  2. So you paid for the blue life vest when there was a free pink life vest offered in the boat? lol I think every boat that brings ourist has a mandatory free life vest comes with it. :) #PF

  3. what a pretty pink in vest :-) safety in pink = perfect :-) Dropping by from PF

  4. those pink vest really look fashionable. hehehe

    visiting from last week PF!