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Friday, August 31, 2012

New Home, New Get- Up, New All the Way!

After countless times of thinking it through, I finally had my relatively new blog moved (with the help of my blog pal, Genevive) to Wordpress last night! I felt so accomplished even if it meant only a few hours of sleep for me after. That’s a blogging spirit! Never leave a job undone, LOL!

Not only that… I’ve had two of my Wordpress blogs theme switched and installed some needed plugins too! Oh, I love the kind of energy I’ve had… wish it didn’t have to last. Anyway, it was all so sudden. I never intended to do any of what I did last night then all these blog boosting activities – comment exchange, blog hopping and social sharing – came up to mind and thought I’d want to join in soon and the only way I could is to have my pages ready so I did.

So like the usual, I just took advantage of the free themes. I like this one simple and neat. Ever since, I always prefer simple layout. The simpler, the faster is the loading time. We don’t want our visitors to leave before the page could even finish loading, now do we?

Next on my to-do list is to try for a header. Notice, the keyword is “try” because I don’t know how long it’ll take me again to come up with something that would give justice to the entirety of this page. I’m no “Ms. Know it all”. I am simply trying to give the best I can without drawing a single cent from my nearly empty wallet. Sounds terrible, huh? But that shouldn’t stop a blogger by heart like me from going on. That’s the spirit! ;)