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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Summer Gig

Summer is not just about kids always up on your sleeve for something to gobble each now and then. It’s all about fun too and discovering hidden talents and passion.

D2 (daughter 2) unquestionably has the passion for singing – like daughter, like mother. Actually she doesn’t use the cellphone I gave her much for communicating but rather for listening to music - something I really don’t mind, in fact, she had me impressed the way she sing especially tunes with higher notes. She undoubtedly has set of pipes for such tunes.

D1 (daughter 1) on the other hand, seems to like striking a pose a lot. One day I caught her along with her cousins playing fashion models. Wearing one my wigs and sunglasses I asked her to pose for my camera and here’s how it went…(click image to view full size)

And here's she sporting some of my Firmoo sunglasses.
Just a proud mom here...

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