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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Firmoo Fashionable Eyewear

Another exciting perk of being a blogger is the chance of getting free products from renowned online companies like Firmoo – a New York based Global Online Optical Store.

Few days ago I received a package from them containing all these incredibly stylish pair of sunglasses below.

It was exactly on my sister’s birthday on the 16th when the mailman came to deliver two different packages – one from an online Nursery shop in UK and this – from Firmoo! To my excitement I opened it right away regardless of whether I was going to steal everyone’s attention, LOL! And just as I expected, they were all in awe to see what’s in it and more so upon knowing that I got them all for free!

What can I say? Most of them wanted to try them on even mom and her sister has an eye on one of the glasses. But what highlighted on that day’s event is that my sister got the most gorgeous gift on her special day. Such a perfect timing, wasn’t it? I let her pick and she seemed to fancy this one so she got it for a birthday gift from me.

I also had mom and my younger sister kept the following pair respectively for themselves while I kept the remaining there pairs for myself.

Anyway so much about the excitement…. This time I’d like to give credit to a fellow blogger for introducing Firmoo and most importantly to the company itself – Firmoo - for giving me this awesome chance of trying their natty products out – all free of charge!

To all of you out there who enjoy comfort and fashion and is looking to get a pair whether for yourself or for a gift especially for this summer, now’s the perfect time to get them and I’m telling you there’s no need to look elsewhere. Firmoo has it all covered for you! For more info visit their official website at Have fun shopping!

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