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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Girls' Summer Shopping Spree!

My two girls and I seldom shop together. My youngest, Naureen is kind of lazy to go on a trip so it’s just either, me and my oldest daughter, Kate or just me alone who shops for us. In case you’re wondering why we need a trip to do shopping at times, you can read a story about that here.

Anyway, the first quarter of the year has been so kind and generous to me. I was blessed with many online opportunities that allow me to put back some extra cash for shopping. This time, I had to convince Naureen to go with us so she can decide what she wants on her own and I’m glad she said yes without a fuss.

So off to the nearest shopping mall, we go! Nearest means an hour or so bus ride from our town. We got there just as the mall hour started so we wasted none of our time and headed on shopping right away. I gave both girls the luxury to shop for a pair of clothes (particularly jeans and top), footwear and accessories of their own choices but just like the old times, they still portray identical twin most of the time even if they’re not. Their common preferences tell it a lot. Just like when they both picked the same pair of these doll shoes.

Unfortunately, my camera batteries died just as I am about to take pictures of the rest of their shopped items but just so you know they got the same brand of jeans too but of different style and size and the same brand of slippers as well.

I wish I could tell them what to do and what to pick but I can’t seeing they have good tastes too. Unless one of their choices is a flop then that’s the time I have to get in the way.

Also, prior to that shopping spree that I gave them, I, too had the chance to treat myself out one weekend and gifted myself with this.

I’ve been thinking of getting one so I didn’t think twice when I saw it. Between the shades of baby pink and this, I fancy this one better.

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  1. Pwede pud mukuyog kay paapil ko hehehe :D nice one.. loveliness your wallet mi amiga! labay ko for PF :)

  2. pretty pink shoes! from PF